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Koihime Muso Complete Collection (Region 1) - Koihime Muso Complete Collection
Releasedatum: 4 januari 2011

When there's trouble afoot in Ancient China, it's up to the sisterhood of steel to set things right once again. When a spell is cast on the beautiful Han official Kashin that begins to slowly turn her into a cat, it's up to Ryuubi, Koumei, Aiesha and the others to go forth and find the exotic ingredients to undo the enchantment before the felinization is finalized. And there'll be no time for pussyfooting around... at least Kashin certainly hopes there won't be... because this is just the beginning of an even greater plot launched by a band of evil eunuchs. (Though, given what they are, it's not as if they have much to do besides plot, and who can blame them for being a little ticked off?)

Contains episodes 1-12 plus the OVA.

€ 51.99

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