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Fist Of The North Star:series Vol.3 (Region 1) -
Releasedatum: 26 juli 2011

The presence of the final surviving general of the South Star Order changes everything Kenshiro thought he knew, and sends him rushing into battle with the only man he could never kill, his own brother, Raoh the Conqueror. The fate of the North Star will be decided in a devastating duel between brothers. Contains the final part of the first series.

Following a nuclear war, the surface of the Earth has been transformed into an inhospitable wasteland. While the common survivors fight just to stay alive, a fight for control rages on between assorted dictators, mutants, and biker gangs. There is one man, however, who can restore order: Kenshiro, the chosen one. Using Hokuto Shinken, a martial art so brutal that only a single being can be trusted with its power, Hokuto sets out to save civilization from the army of post-nuclear mutants out to destroy what's left of humanity. This volume includes 3 episodes of the violent anime classic (not recommended for children).

€ 65.99

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