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Scarlatti, Alessandro (1660 - 1725) - Il Martirio Di Santa Teodosia
Les Accents - Thibault Noally

Alessandro Scarlatti’s oratorio is an exciting drama of life, love and death, set in the fourth-century Roman Empire. Preferring to devote her life to God, Teodosia rejects the love of Arsenio, the son of the Roman governor, and welcomes death. St Theodosia of Tyre died at the age of eighteen, in the year 308.
One cannot help but be struck by the dramatic strength and the vocal beauty of this work, performed here by a very  talented casting, gathering Emmanuelle de Negri, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, Anthea Pichanick, Renato Dolcini and the fiery orchestra Les Accents led by Thibault Noally.

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