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Dvorak / Tchaikovsky - String Serenades
Balkan Chamber Orchestra

 Dvořák & Tchaikovsky: Serenades

Two of the most popular string serenades: Dvořák’s Serenade for Strings is full of melodic ideas and sensual melodiousness in a Bohemian tone. Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings is a sumptuous work, a “symphony without winds“ so to speak, and combines rococo elegance with great romantic gesture. The BCO was founded in 2007 by Japanese conductor Toshio Yanagisawa in order to foster understanding among the Balkan nations, shaken by ethnic conflicts. Since then, the BCO has served as a cultural bridge connecting people through music, for many years now also around the world. more
Balkan Chamber Orchestra
Toshio Yanagisawa

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