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Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Revolution Symphonies 1 To 5
Le Concert Des Nations

For these versions we have started  from the fundamental idea of  recovering the original sound of the  orchestra as Beethoven imagined them,  as well as the essential issue of tempo,  written down by the composer himself.  We performed all the orchestral work  with instruments that correspond to  those used at the time, resorting to a  number of performers similar to that  arranged by the composer, of about  55-60 musicians. We selected 35 players  from Le Concert des Nations and, for  the other 20 players, we selected young  musicians from different countries in  Europe and the rest of the world. ­e  main goal is to reflect, in our  21st century, all the richness and beauty  of these symphonies, thanks to a true  balance between colors and the quality  of the orchestra’s natural sound.’
Jordi Savall

€ 42.99

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