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Dupert, J.-P. / Duport, J.-L. - The Paris Sonatas
Turina, G.(Cello) & Minguillon, M.

The music on this album is by the French brothers Jean-Pierre Duport (1741-1818) and Jean-Louis Duport (1749-1819). The brothers were both brilliant cellists and two of the most important musicians of their time, as they revolutionized the status of the cello. Their influence was decisive for the place the cello occupies today. The Duport brothers had immediate success after their respective debuts in 1761 and 1768 at the Concert Spirituel at the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

Afterwards they travelled separately and both achieved great success in the English and German music scene. In 1786, with the accession of Frederick William II to the throne, Jean-Pierre was appointed musical superintendent at the Prussian court. Jean-Louis followed his brother in 1789 and was appointed first cellist at the court. The importance of this court for musical life brought together the best composers who wrote for the Duport brothers. Such as Haydn and Mozart and their Prussian quartets and Beethoven, who wrote his Sonatas op. 5 to play them with them. These were the first sonatas for cello and piano in music history. Jean-Pierre remained in Germany and worked for the Prussian court until his death.

Jean-Louis travelled back to Paris in 1807, where he was appointed professor of cello at the conservatory in 1812; he taught until his death. Thanks to their constant work and efforts to improve their technique, the Duport brothers left a legacy: the origins of the Romantic cello, not only through the development of works written by themselves, but also thanks to those written for them by other musicians. All the music selected for this album has never been recorded before. It is music from the brothers' youth, released in Paris. Some of these sonatas may even have been played at their first concert in the Paris Tuileries.  

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