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Weber, Carl Maria Von (1786-1826) - Der Freischutz
Davidsen, Lise / Rso Frankfurt

Maestro  Marek Janowski leads  a sensational cast  — including star vocalists  Lise Davidsen and Andreas  Schager — on this new recording  of Der Freischütz, the German  Romantic opera  par excellence. In the years  after its 1821 premiere, the catchy melodies, picturesque charm and spooky scenes of Der Freischütz thrilled audiences throughout  Europe. Janowski’s inspired reading  lifts out the symphonic  qualities of Carl Maria von Weber’s masterpiece, and makes clear why colleagues such as Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner  raved about the work. The excellent cast  consists of Lise Davidsen (Agathe), Andreas  Schager (Max), Sofia Fomina (Ännchen),  Alan Held (Kaspar), Markus Eiche (Ottokar) and Franz-Josef Selig (Eremit). Janowski conducts the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and MDR Radio Choir. For this recording,  the original spoken dialogues have been  replaced by short narrations, written by Katharina Wagner  and Daniel Weber and recited by Corinna Kirchhoff and Peter Simonischeck.

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