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Haydn, Joseph - Die Sieben Letzten Worte Unsere Erl
Ensemble Rezonanz / Haberlin, Judit

Following a disc of cello concertos and symphonies by C. P. E. Bach (Diapason d’Or, ffff Télérama, etc.), the musicians of the Ensemble Resonanz continue their very personal exploration of eighteenth-century orchestral music. Personal? Because for several years now, under the direction of its inspired conductor Maestro Riccardo Minasi, the ensemble has taken up the challenge of playing instruments with a ‘modern’ setup (violins, violas and basses with metal strings) with complete mastery of historically informed performance practice. Forty years after what has been called ‘the Baroque revolution’, what a pleasure to rediscover these nine orchestral movements literally inhabited by the divine words of Christ on the cross – and displaying that rhetorical skill of which Joseph Haydn was a peerless exponent!

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