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Glass, Philip - The Hours / Metamorphosis / Mad R
Lisitsa, Valentina

This album brings together two artists with enormous followings: Valentina Lisitsa, with her dazzling artistry and hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube; and Philip Glass, with his hugely popular minimalist piano music. A generous selection of Philip Glass’s most successful and best-loved pieces for solo piano, brought together on one
150min release (2CD) including tracks from the BAFTA-winning and Academy Award nominated film “The Hours.” Here is Glass at his best – using the building blocks of minimalism to achieve a huge, inventive soundscape of musical richness and contrasts. His music is richly harmonic, and this album is a deeply evocative listening experience.
Revelatory performances from YouTube sensation, pianist Valentina Lisitsa; a wonderful artist with exceptional musicality and a stunning technique.

CD 1 1. Glassworks - 1. Opening (Glassworks) 2. Truman Sleeps (‘the Truman Show’) (Short Version) 3. The Hours - The Poet Acts (Arr. Michael Riesman) - Morning Passages
(Arr. Michael Riesman) 5. How Now 6. The Hours - Something She Has To Do (Arr. Michael Riesman) - I’m Going To Make A Cake (Arr. Michael Riesman) 8. Olympian: Lighting Of
The Torch 9. Mad Rush
CD 2 1. The Hours - Dead Things (Arr. Michael Riesman) - Tearing Herself Away (Arr. Michael Riesman) 3. Wichita Sutra Vortex 4. The Hours - Escape! (Arr. Michael Riesman) -
Chosing Life (Arr. Michael Riesman) - The Hours (Arr. Michael Riesman) 7. Metamorphosis One 8. Metamorphosis Two 9. Metamorphosis Three 10. Metamorphosis Four
11. Metamorphosis Five 12. Closing (‘Mishima’)

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