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Region 1 - Voices From Inside The Towers
Voices From Inside The Towers

The 80th birthday of Jordi Savall offers an opportunity to listen to his concerts at the "Resonanzen" in the Vienna Konzerthaus with this album. From the very beginning, Jordi and his musicians have been regulars at this festival for decades, opening up new horizons for enthusiastic audiences with music ranging from medieval to classical. Incomparably, Jordi Savall, together with his ensembles, has brought the world of Spanish music to life with villancios, romances and ensaladas. His wife Montserrat Figueras was especially influential: her unique, spirited voice still captivates today - ten years after her death. Bernhard Trebuch, known as "Fra Bernardo", inventor and curator of the "Resonanzen" has selected for this birthday album star moments with Jordi Savall from twenty years. The almost infinite breadth of the artist Jordi Savall unfolds, for example, as a soloist with music by Ortiz or Marais, as a conductor in the Gloria of the famous 53-part Missa Salisburgensis by Biber or as primus inter pares in the ensemble. This homage to Savall also offers rarities. For who knows the lively Tonadilla for the Wedding of the Spanish Prince in 1083 by Blas de Laserna? Of course, excerpts from the birthday concert for the ensemble Hespèrion XX are not missing in this tour. Together with companions of the first hour like Hopkinson Smith, Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras make music with their children Arianna and Ferran.

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