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Mahler, Gustav (1860-1911) - Symphony No. 6
Berliner Philharmoniker

The end of an era and a musical  highlight: Simon Rattle’s farewell  as  chief  conductor of  the  Berliner Philharmoniker    with     Gustav     Mahler’s    stunning Sixth  Symphony  was  given  a  standing ovation  by the audience. In a high-quality edition  you can  relive this special moment on CD and  Blu-ray. There  is also  an audio  recording of Sir  Simon’s Philharmoniker debut conducting the  same work,  a documentary about  his tenure, and  an  extensive companion book  with many articles and  photos. On 14 November 1987, the  young Simon Rattle first took to the conductor’s podium of the Berliner Philharmoniker. “I had the feeling that I would find my voice that day,” says Rattle  in retrospect. At the same time, the young conductor demonstrated his total mastery of this vast work with its brutal eruptions. The fact  that  Mahler’s work  was  also  part  of this  farewell concert had a symbolic as well as a musical dimension: it brought both a circle to a close and also a great chapter in the history of the Berliner Philharmoniker to an end. At the  same time,  the  performance reminded us  that performances of Mahler’s music  marked highlights of the Rattle  era on numerous occasions. The tumultuous applause expressed not only enthusiasm for a uniquely intense, multi-faceted performance but also  gratitude for 16 fulfilling years..

Recording CD 1: June 2018 from the Philharmonie  Berlin
Recording CD 2: November 1987 from the Philharmonie  Berlin
2 CD · 1 Blu-ray Disc
24-bit download code
Hardcover edition
Documentary: “Echoing an Era: Simon Rattle and the Berliner
Philharmoniker, 2002-2018” (67 min) Introduction by Sir Simon Rattle (10 min)

€ 53.99

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