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Vasks, Peteris - Vasks - The Seasons
Worms, Marcel

Most people today no longer possess beliefs, love and ideals. The spiritual dimension has been lost. My intention is to provide food for the soul and this is what I preach in my works
– Peteris Vasks
Most of the music of Vasks, in which he depicts nature as such, and nature asmetaphor for human suffering, struggle and hope, is scored for symphonic orchestra. In The Seasons he attempts to evoke his magical musical world with the piano as the only source of sound. Vasks makes splendid use of the possibilities of the piano without The Seasons being a distinctly pianistic work.
1. 7’25  Baltã ainava                 
 (White Scenery, 1980)
2. 25’30  Pavasara mûzika
 (Spring Music, 1985) quasi una sonata
3. 8’54  Zalã ainava
 (Green Scenery, Summer, 2008)
4. 16’03  Rudens mûzika
 (Autumn Music, 1981)
5. 6’33  Vasaras vakara mûzika
 (Music for a Summer Evening, 2009)
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