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Mahler, Gustav (1860-1911) - Symphony No. 9 In D Major
Budapest Festival Orchestra

De hemelse negende van Mahler, zijn laatste, zijn mooiste, zijn fluisterend afscheid?

Fischer schrijft het volgende: “The 9th is a heartbreaking symphony, perhaps in many ways. It starts with an arythmic heartbeat which moves colourfully from one instrument to the next. The choice of instruments is extraordinary and somewhat sinister: cello, horn, harp, muted horn. Mahler immediately shows us his most mature, masterful handling of orchestral colours. Soon we realise that it is merely an introduction to a beautiful but heartbreakingly sad melody played by the violins, saying Leb wohl! Farewell! A most complex, extremely forward-looking, visionary symphony follows, occasionally brutally interrupted by those arythmic beats and leading finally to the most tragic and beautiful ending Mahler ever composed: what he shares with us is his fading awareness of our beloved world.”
Opnamen van Mahler’s eerste, tweede, vierde, vijfde en zesde gingen deze negende voor in wat wel ‘de spannendste Mahlercyclus van dit moment’ genoemd wordt....

€ 23.99

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