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Various Composers - Visions Fugitives
Milstein, Nathalia

Taking Prokofiev’s Visions fugitives as its starting point, this disc explores five contrasting universes of miniatures and presents a journey through the infinitely rich palette of the ephemeral. Liszt, Bartók, Chopin, Arzoumanov and Prokofiev revealed themselves in these short and sometimes apparently lightweight works, granting us access to their inner worlds, which each of us is free to explore through our own prism of the imagination. Bartok: En plein air
+Liszt: Valses oubliees Nr. 6, 27, 37, 41
+Prokofieff: Visions fugitives op. 22 Nr. 7-26
+Arzumanov: Cycles de pieces pour piano (Ausz.)
+Chopin: Mazurken Nr. 38-40

€ 23.99

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