In the course of years electronic music has developed into a rich multi-coloured palette of various individual mainstreams, which makes it hard to hump the different styles together. Besides, it is almost impossible to draw a clear line between the various sub-categories like space, ambient and musique concrète. Consequently, categorizing electronic music is not the aim of this compilation. It has only been our intention to make an outline of the most probing and prominent electronic compositions that have come to the fore during the past decennia. With this in our mind we have made a selection from the work of many composers who we think are of great importance to the evolution of electronic music until now. We were thrilled with the generous offer of certain artists to make exclusive tracks available for this compilation.

The music of all artists presented here can be heard every week in X-Rated on Kink FM on Sundays. In The Netherlands you can receive Kink FM on cable. This program has been the basis for the release of this album.

Arjen Grolleman
Bob Rusche