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Various - Lucas & Gea Presenteren Vol. 3
Releasedatum: 16 oktober 2009
For the uninitiated, Mystery Science Theater 3000 aired on Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel throughout the '90s. Each episode featured host Joel Hodgson, or Michael J. Nelson, making fun of schlocky B-movies with the help of their robot crew on the Satellite of Love.

As is custom, the set comes with four episodes:

The Crawling Eye (101): This is the debut episode of the show's first season on The Comedy Channel (later Comedy Central) featuring Joel, some weird sounding bots, and two evil scientists—there's the usual Dr. Forrester, played by Trace Beaulieu, along with Dr. Laurence Erhardt, played by Josh Weinstein. The film, also known as The Trollenberg Terror, is about a monstrous, alien eyeball attacking mountain climbers.
,br> The Beatniks (415): Another Comedy Central Joel episode, this time featuring a film about a bunch of punk kids who in no way resemble actual beatniks. The episode also features a General Hospital short.

The Final Sacrifice (910): A Michael J. Nelson episode featuring a Canadian film about an evil cult trying to take over the world. This somehow involves wearing A-shirts and ski masks, and running around the Canadian wilderness. The film is culturally significant because it gave the world Zap Rowsdower (Bruce J. Mitchell).

Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1005): Also known simply as Zaat, this episode from the final season features Mike and the bots ripping into a sci-fi mess about a Nazi scientist who turns himself into a sea monster.

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