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Dirkschneider - Live - Back.. -Gatefold-
Releasedatum: 8 december 2017
Level 1: The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights! Level 9: The Magic Knight's Greatest Crisis Level 18: The Last Rune-God - Rayearth, Lord of Fire Level 5: Escudo, the Legendary One Level 15: The Second Rune-God - Windam, the Lord of the Skies Level 20: The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights! Level 16: A Powerful Foe! Lafarga the Swordmaster Level 10: The Revival of Selece, the Legendary Rune-God Level 11: The Legend of the Rune-Gods - In Cephiro, Another World Level 12: The Fearsome Illusionist Caldina Level 2: Presea of the Woods of Silence Level 3: Ferio the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman Level 4: Alcyone the Vengeful Sorceress Level 6: Lives at Stake - Presea's Weapons Level 7: Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the Desert Level 8: The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot Level 17: The Truth about Inouva, and the Return of Memories Level 19: Showdown! The Magic Knights Vs. Zagato Level 13: The Most Valuable Thing in This World Level 14: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyielding Wish

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