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Enter The Dragon 2 S.e. R2 (Uk Import) - Clouse, Robert
Releasedatum: 15 mei 2006
Shaolin monk and kung fu master Lee (Bruce Lee) is sent on a mission to investigate the private island of renegade gang boss and opium baron Han (Kien Shih) while taking part in his legendary kung fu tournament. The mission becomes very personal when Lee learns that his sister committed suicide rather than submit to the brutal attentions of a gang of Han's henchmen three years previously. Amid the opulence of Han's island Lee must take part in a fight to the death with fellow contestants Roper (John Saxon), Williams (Jim Kelly) and Braithewaite (Geoffrey Weeks) - but to get to Han himself, he will also have to defeat the army of Han's fighters.

DVD Extra's:
Disc One: Commentary by producer Paul Heller. 30th Anniversary documentary 'Blood And Steel, The Making Of Enter The Dragon' (30 mins). Bruce Lee - In His Own Words (19 mins). Linda Lee Caldwell interview gallery. Original 1973 featurette. Backyard Workout With Bruce footage. Disc Two: Curse Of The Dragon - an examination of the Lee legacy (83 mins). John Little's feature length biography 'Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey' featuring a meticulous reconstruction of Lee's intended cut of The Game Of Death (100 mins). Four theatrical trailers and seven TV spots.

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