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Neutral Milk Hotel - On Avery Island
Releasedatum: 3 november 2009
This disquieting thriller from controversial Korean director Chan-Wook Park is a relentlessly brutal tale of bloody vengeance shot through with cinematic style. A deaf mute (Jang-Ho Song) is desperate to save his sister's life, but can't raise the money for the kidney transplant. Out of desperation, he and his terrorist girlfriend kidnap a wealthy businessman's daughter in order to raise the cash, only to find that the cost of their actions will have to be paid in torture and pain. An uncompromising look at the grim reality of black market organ trading, radical terrorist organisations and merciless killers, 'Sympathy For Mr Vengeance' is a truly outstanding example of Eastern film-making at its most extreme.

DVD Extras:
Star and director filmographies. Original theatrical trailer. Jamie Russell film notes. Interview footage. Making of documentary. Asia Extreme trailer reel. Scene selection. Region 0.

€ 28.99

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