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Various - Backline Vol. 93
Releasedatum: 1 januari 2012

In July of 1995, Tarantino and Miramax launched Rolling Thunder Pictures, a specialty label shaped around Tarantino's personal philosophy on film and is dedicated to finding the missing pieces that help create the tapestry of film history, past and present.

This DVD compilation brings together three classic Tarantino favorites for any film buff, including The Mighty Peking Man, Detroit 9000 and Switchblade Sisters.

The Mighty Peking Man

Sure to drive you wild - here's one of the funniest, most hysterically campy movies ever made: The Mighty Peking Man! A powerful earthquake awakens a giant, ape-like creature who descends from the mountains into the treacherous jungles of India. Later, an expedition of greedy showmen capture the fearsome beast, bringing him...and the scantily clad blonde bombshell he protects...back to civilization! But payback comes when The Mighty Peking Man breaks loose and begins to run amok in the heart of the city! An outrageous adventure that never takes itself too seriously - treat yourself to a guilty pleasure that has entertained critics and late-night movie audiences everywhere!

Detroit 9000

This snappy, cynical cop thriller was marketed as a "blaxploitation" film when released in 1973, but it's really a mixed-cast godson of The French Connection and The Seven Ups set in the racially volatile cauldron of 1970s Detroit. Alex Rocco (Moe Green from The Godfather) stars as a veteran detective on the Detroit police force, a sinus-infected loner who's bitter from constantly being passed over for promotion. Assigned to a political powder keg--the high-profile heist of a black gubernatorial candidate's big money fundraiser--he's paired up with an educated, smart-dressing black hotshot (Hari Rhodes), a fast-rising star in the department. These guys are no Lethal Weapon act; they may earn a grudging mutual respect but never really like or trust one another. The climactic 25-minute chase is edgy and lean and very violent, spiced with big bloody gunshot wounds and victims writhing in tortured death spasms, and the film concludes on an unusually satisfying note of ambiguity and cynicism. Marks went on to direct Friday Foster and J.D.'s Revenge. The title, by the way, refers to the police code for "officer in trouble."

Switchblade Sisters

Jack Hill's SWITCHBLADE SISTERS is the outlandish, action-packed story of a tough gang of teenage girls -- the all-female Dagger Debs -- who are looking for love and fighting for turf on the mean streets of the city! Bad girls to the core, these impossibly outrageous high school hoodlums go where they want ... and create mayhem wherever they go! A riotously entertaining mix of sex, jealousy, and massive firepower that critics loved -- don't miss your chance to see one of the wildest films ever made!

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