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Zardonic - Become
Releasedatum: 28 september 2018
DRILLER A dark and amusing tale of alien abduction, drugged up naked youth, drilling and killing. An ordinary man, abducted by aliens, is turned into a subhuman cybernetic killing machine. The aliens are his master, controlling his every word, thought and action. To please their evil desires, he drills and kills his way through a lost rock band, teens fulfilling their sexual destiny, and anyone who bothers to get in his way. Nonetheless, his Alien Controllers have a bigger plan for him. His mission: To End the Human Race.

DRILLER KILLER Abel Ferrara s 1979 breakthrough is one of his best-known but least appreciated films. The film thwarts any preconceived notions of what a horror movie should be. Glam, trash, pre-punk and horrific, DRILLER KILLER is a misunderstood film. The film is a horrifying look into the recesses of a grubby city and a disturbed mind and refuses to make concessions to any notions of good taste or commercial filmmaking. Ugly and transgressive, it is for open-minded viewers only. It is a corrupting tale of a mind liberated by psychosis by the director of the original BAD LIEUTENANT. A Video Nasty. Banned in Germany. Banned in England for nearly 20 years. Bodycount :11.

The Late Night Double Feature Edition includes: Driller Driller Killer the Driller trailer the Night of the Driller trailer the trailer for A Hole In the Head and the limited edition DRILLER comic book!

€ 34.99

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