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Shampoo (1975) (Criterion Collection Region 1) - Ashby, Hal
Releasedatum: 16 oktober 2018
BOOK OF LORE: Twenty years ago, in the town to Latonsville, a notorious serial killer known as “The Devil’s Left Hand” kidnapped eleven babies and left local police stumped. When Rick (Aj Hyde) discovers his girlfriend has been murdered in the same grotesque fashion as The Devil’s Left Hand crimes, he begins a quest to unravel his town’s unspeakable past. Using a cryptic encyclopedia of local murders called The Book of Lore, Rick and his friends race against time to unlock the secrets of the past. GRAVE MISTAKES: When a grave robber tries to barter with an eccentric antiques dealer, the two trade stories rather than goods. Tales of zombies, vampires, and ghosts are told upstairs while an unspeakable horror waits in the basement.

€ 35.99

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