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Ketos - First Strike
Releasedatum: 3 mei 2019

Double bill of British horror films from director Norman J. Warren. In `Satan's Slave` (1976), following the death of her parents, Catherine Yorke (Candace Glendenning) goes to stay with her cultist uncle (Michael Gough) and cousin (Martin Potter). She later discovers that they plan to use her as a sacrifice in order to resurrect an ancestor who supposedly had evil powers. She must fight for her survival but will she manage to escape their clutches? In 'Prey' (1978), couple Jessica (Glory Annen) and Josephine (Sally Faulkner) live a quiet life on a secluded farm. The obsessive Josephine lives for Jessica alone, while Jessica is easily distracted. When Anders (Barry Stokes), an alien masquerading as a man, crashes in on their existence, he provides Jessica with a welcome break from the monotony but sparks jealousy in Josephine. Meanwhile, Anders` true identity and his reasons for being on Earth remain unknown...

€ 14.99

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