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Tolonen, Jukka - Summer Games
Releasedatum: 10 maart 1999

The Witchouse 3-disc box set is hotter than being burned at the stake! This set contains all three Witchouse movies and more than a few surprises, like Brooke Mueller's very first film role in the beginning of the series. Own this collection and hold a black mass anytime you want! Witchouse: May Day 1998 - Dunwich, Massachusetts. In an old mansion, a teenage party is about to take a terrifying turn... When a group of seven kids is invited over by their strange classmate ELIZABETH for a little ""get together,"" they soon become unwitting participants in a horrific sacrificial ritual. LILITH, Elizabeth's ancestor, has returned from the dead to exact her revenge upon the descendants of those that brutally murdered her in a witch hunt 300 years ago. Witchouse II: Blood Coven: A supposedly haunted old house in Covington County is being plowed over to make way for a shopping mall, when four unmarked graves are unearthed. A professor and her students are called in to identify the bodies. Unfortunately, these are the remains of Lilith Lefay and her blood coven. One by one the students transform into members of the Blood Coven to wreak havoc on the town that betrayed and killed them. Witchouse 3: Demon Fire: While shooting a documentary on witchcraft, three girls, Annie, Stevie and Rose are haunted by visions of a demonic witch with mysterious intentions. or maybe Annie's abusive boyfriend is just seeking his own personal revenge? What began as a creepy game of cat-and-mouse soon turns fatal as dead bodies pile up.revealing a grim secret that unlocks the evil mystery behind the resurrection of the witch know as Lillith.

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