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Last Wagon R2 (Uk Import) - Davis, Delmer
Releasedatum: 2 augustus 2010

Brace yourself for ?a tough, gritty, rip-snorting, Indian-fighting melodrama? (Cue) that?s drenched in suspense! Richard Widmark (The Alamo) gives ?one of his finest performances? (Los Angeles Examiner) as a wanted man unexpectedly freed in Indian country in this ?exciting? (Newsweek) and ?first-rate, historical Western!? (The Hollywood Reporter)

Adopted by the Comanche. Accused by the white man. On the road to his murder trial, ?Comanche Todd? (Widmark) is a soul without hope. But when a band of savage Apaches attacks his wagon train, leaving only a few teenaged survivors, he must choose between the freedom that fortune has handed him, and delivering the youths safely home. With a death sentence hanging over his head, will he risk losing his own life in order to save theirs?

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