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Seekers, The (Uk Import) - Annakin, Ken
Releasedatum: 15 augustus 2011

Famous for being the first ever colour film to be made in New Zealand, this Rank 1954 feature is overflowing with beautiful scenery, colour and set pieces. It is 1821 and adventuring seafarer Philip Wayne (Jack Hawkins) and Paddy Clarke (Noel Purcell) have set ashore to explore the Bay of Plenty. Stumbling upon a M ori burial cave, they are captured and sentenced to death by the M ori for desecrating the resting place of their ancestors. Wayne s prowess impresses the M ori chief, Hongi Tepe (Inia Te Wiata), and he offers Wayne a chance to save his life by enduring a trial by challenge. When Wayne succeeds the chief adopts him as his honorary son, but Wayne has to return to his ship and back to England. When skullduggery breaks out on board ship, Wayne finds himself at the mercy of the British authorities and decides to return to the Pacific with his new wife Marion (Glynis Johns) and a crew that includes the sexually charged Wishart (Kenneth Williams). With a tense standoff emerging between the indigenous M oris and the colonial British, the situation rises to boiling point when the beautiful M ori girl Maona (Laya Raki) rejects the advances of Wishart. Extra Features include Best of British Trailers, Booklet Notes & Stills Gallery.

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