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John Hiatt & Lilly Hiatt - You Must Go / All Kinds Of People
Releasedatum: 13 april 2019
DVD release from the film "GOTH" directed by Gen Takahashi and the story based on the Japanese popular writer Otsuichi. Stars Kanata Hongo. A high school boy and girl Itsuki Kamiyama and Yoru Morino are "GOTH," who have obsessive interest in dark side of the humankind. One day, Yoru picks up a note in a cafe, which is served as the meeting ground for geeks. Included on the note are all the details about the bizarre murder cases that have occurred in many places recently. Intrigued by the cases, she asks Itsuki to go to one of a homicide scene for searching the unfound dead body. As her hidden past is revealed gradually, the cases take an unexpected turn and the perpetrator gets cracking to interrupt them. . .

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