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Varadi, Helga

‘I recall as a young boy my father taking me to visit a family friend  in Budapest, Elizabeth Láng,  in order to show  me a  harpsichord. Both  my  father  and  I were  intrigued by the  instrument, especially the  capability  of coupling  the keyboards. He later indicated in his preface to Mikrokosmos that ten of its piano pieces were suitable for playing on the harpsichord. I am  grateful to  Helga  Váradi  for  bringing these pieces and others to life on this recording.”

Peter Bartók; Homosassa, Florida; March 2017


Bartók: Mikrokosmos (selection)
Helga Varadi (harpsichord)
Bach, J S: Prelude & Fugue Book 1 No. 2 in C minor, BWV847
Helga Varadi (harpsichord)
Couperin, F: Pièces de clavecin III: Ordre 18ème in F
Helga Varadi (harpsichord)
Scarlatti, D: Keyboard Sonata K162 in E major
Helga Varadi (harpsichord)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750) Bartók,  Béla (1881-1945)
Scarlatti, Domenico (1685-1757)

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