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Various - Beating Heart:malawi..
Releasedatum: 5 augustus 2016
Jenny is a young girl who has it all - beauty, brains, a steady boyfriend and even her own flat at the age of 16. But scratch beneath the surface, and you uncover a childhood scarred by mistreatment and abandonment. Desperate for attention and seeking the love she never received from her parents, Jenny becomes involved with a handsome stranger with a dark obsession with the occult. Surrounded by witchcraft and black magic, her choices soon take her down a path that leads to a series of terrifying, other-worldly experiences. She seeks help from friends, doctors, psychiatrists and religious leaders but finds only scepticism and disbelief. But finally, committed to a mental hospital and on the very edge of sanity, can she find a way to salvation?

€ 27.99

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